Friday, November 2, 2012

Top Picks on Fragrances

I love wearing fragrances that would compliment my pheromones. To be honest, these are my guilty pleasures, to the point that I had to forcefully stop myself from spending too much. I'm a natural hoarder of scents at heart. Christmas is fast approaching - so I don't see it as a mistake if I'd make a list of scents I would love to own if given the abundance of resources.

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine

DKNY Be Delicious

Lola By Marc Jacobs

 Hugo Boss Hugo Women

Burberry Brit Woman

Ralph Lauren Romance

And my only local top pick so far..
Bench "Reigne"

I've read great reviews about them and sniffed some testers at malls.
These were the ones that caught my attention. Don't get me wrong, 
I also hate passing by that area wherein all scents were aerially mixed. 
There was just this one time .. one moment .. 
that I actually stopped and minded the promo agent.
I was told that  it's a case to case basis when it comes to choices on fragrances. 
You'll determine if the scent is for you after the "dry down" period. That's the purpose of using testers first. Be extra careful on what to put on your skin. Sometimes it's tempting when your favorite scent is on sale online, even half the mall price, but the thing is - we don't know if we're getting the real deal. 
And most of the time, we don't. Now a days, imitations are all over the world.

I'm quite terrible at this since I don't usually talk about  girly stuffs ..
So, sorry. Hehehe...